Smith & Burrows – 2nd Studio Album

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Album Details

  • Album Title: TBD
  • Release Date: Late 2019
  • Recording Dates: August 18, 2019 - Present
  • Writing/Demoing Dates: Late 2017 - Summer 2019
  • Known Songs: "All The Best Moves" (played live, November 2018)
  • Expected Sound:
  • Producer: Jacquire King
Smith & Burrows - 2019

Back in 2011, Tom Smith of Editors teamed up with Andy Burrows of We Are Scientists to form Smith & Burrows. That November, the pair released their debut album together, Funny Looking Angels. Comprised of covers and original songs, the Christmas album offered a unique take on the winter holidays.

Eight years have since passed, and now Smith & Burrows are preparing their overdue second album! In November 2018, they debuted a new song called "All The Best Moves" live. At the time, Andy confirmed that they were working on a new album. The duo wrote and recorded off and on throughout early 2019, and by June, Tom was teasing the new demos he could listen to.

On August 18, 2019, the duo arrived in Nashville, Tennessee, where they are now recording the album with producer Jacquire King. He's the same man who produced Editors' fourth album, The Weight Of Your Love.

There’s no word on when the new album will be ready, or if it will also be centered around Christmas. If it will, we may hear it late in 2019. However, considering the lack of festivity in “All The Best Moves,” it’s entirely possible the new album won’t be about holidays at all. We shall see!

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