Editors Record New Music With Jacknife In Los Angeles

Last month, Editors shocked and delighted fans when they returned to the studio to work on new tunes. It’s been less than a year since they released their stunning sixth record, Violence. (It was one of our favorites of 2018.) Now, the band is in Los Angeles recording music with producer Jacknife. Editors notably worked with Jacknife back in 2007, when he produced their sophomore album, An End Has A Start. Is Editors’ 7th album already on the way?

Check out the band’s exciting studio posts below. The biggest question we have: What is “Black Gold”? A new song title?


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Jacknife doing Jacknife things x

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Justin & Jacknife 👌 Black Gold x

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Ed x Black Gold

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Elliott & Justin 👊 Black Gold x

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Just one year ago, Editors released their 6th album, Violence. After extensive touring and four singles – “Magazine,” “Hallelujah (So Low),” “Darkness At The Door,” and “Cold” – the band members worked on separate projects for a couple months. Frontman Tom Smith rejoined his other group, Smith & Burrows, to perform a brand new song. “All The Best Moves” is set to appear on their long-awaited second album together. Tom also appeared on a song with UNKLE called “The Other Side” last December.

A few weeks ago, Editors also revealed that they’ll be putting out a limited release called The Blanck Mass Sessions for Record Store Day. The EP includes 8 songs – 7 of which are alternate versions of songs that appeared on Violence. It also includes a previously unheard song called “Barricades.” Record Store Day will only have 500 copies available, but as it’s an “RSD First” release, fans can rest assured that it will be more widely available later this year.

Hopefully “Barricades” and the alternate Violence songs will hold you over until we know more about whatever new music Editors are working on with Jacknife.

At this point, it’s too early to say when we’ll get to hear the new music. While an album could be ready by the end of this year, 2020 may be a safer bet. It’s also unclear if Jacknife will serve as the producer for their next album. He did an excellent job on An End Has A Start, so we’d be happy if he does!

There will be plenty more exciting news in the coming months. Keep checking back here for all the latest Editors music news.

Paramore Studio Update: Moving From Nashville To Los Angeles In September 2016

This last March, Paramore started recording their upcoming fifth album. At the time, the band was down to just Hayley Williams and Taylor York. Bassist Jeremy Davis left last December. However, in June their ex-drummer Zac Farro suddenly appeared in the behind-the-scenes shots Hayley shared on Twitter! That brought up a few major questions: Is he officially back with the band? Is he co-writing some of the new songs? Or is he just playing drums on the new record?

Last month, Zac spoke on Billboard’s Alt In Our Stars podcast. He talked about rekindling his friendship with both Hayley and Taylor, playing on the new album, and how the new music sounds. He has not written any of the songs, and so far is not officially part of the band again. But he’d be happy to join them again as more than just a studio drummer.

Keeping up with the habits of the last few months, the duo has continued to shared studio tidbits throughout the recording process for album #5. Here’s the latest from this September:

Goodbye Nashville… Hello Los Angeles!

As of September 16th, the band finished recording in Nashville. They are now continuing the recording process in Los Angeles. It looks like we’re getting closer to hearing the new music!

With Jeremy gone and Zac kind of back, it will be exciting to hear how the music changes. Hayley and Taylor were the principle songwriters on Paramore, so there may not be a big change in style. But what about the topics? Will Jeremy’s departure and Zac’s return to the band come up?

Hayley also just married her longtime boyfriend, New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert, in February. Will married life affect the new music? Perhaps more lovey lyrics and cheerful music? On the other hand, Hayley and Chad have been together for eight years, so maybe there won’t be much of a change after all. We’ll find out soon enough!

Check up on all we know about Paramore’s upcoming fifth album on their recording page. We’ll keep it up-to-date throughout the recording process. Keep checking back here for all the latest Paramore music news.