Avril Lavigne’s “Breakaway” Demo Leaks

Avril Lavigne’s first album, 2002’s Let Go, was a multiplatinum hit that launched the young pop singer’s career almost overnight. It contained 13 songs as well as some b-sides, and later, a slew of discarded demos leaked online. However, not included in the collection of leaked demos was the early version of a song called “Breakaway.”

“Breakaway” eventually was passed along to Kelly Clarkson in 2004. She made it a worldwide hit, and the song helped launch her most successful album to date, Breakaway. Ever since, fans of Avril Lavigne have longed to hear the earlier demo that Avril had recorded while working on Let Go. Now, nearly a decade later, fans can do just that: Avril’s demo of “Breakaway” has finally leaked online:

Avril’s version of “Breakaway” is subtly different from Kelly’s. Whereas Kelly sang in a more empowered and brave way, Avril is more hopeful and innocent. Kelly sounds like she is looking back on her earlier, more difficult times after having reached success – which makes sense considering her American Idol win and subsequent hit single, “Miss Independent.” But Avril, who recorded the song around 2000 or 2001, well before she had found fame and fortune, sounds like a girl who’s still living in her small town and looking for more in life. “Breakaway” was recorded at different points in the two singers’ careers, and you can hear that in their vocals.

Another difference is in the music: Avril’s “Breakaway” demo sounds a bit more folksy and country. Indeed, she was originally signed to be a country singer, but she had other plans. Avril sounds young and inexperienced, but that fits well with the theme of the song.

What do you think of Avril’s recording? Do you prefer Kelly’s version of “Breakaway,” or Avril’s earlier demo? Let us know, and keep checking back for more new music!

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