Will Avril Lavigne Release A Back-To-Back Album?

It’s only been six months since Avril Lavigne released her self-titled fifth studio album. But it’s never too soon to start thinking about the next record! Especially since Avril previously said she wanted to release the next album right away.

In June 2013, Avril sat down for an interview with New Live Music. It was a great talk, and Avril revealed one particularly interesting bit of information: She had enough material for TWO albums – and wanted to release her 6th album soon after Avril Lavigne dropped:

I definitely wrote a lot of songs. I’ve got about two records worth of music, so maybe I’ll do back-to-back records. I kinda want to do the back-to-back records because I’ve worked so hard on writing a ton of songs and I just want to make it perfect. And then, because there were so many, it was like “Okay, well, what makes sense?”

There’s a lot of really amazing stuff that I’m excited for the fans to hear that won’t even be on this record.

You can see the interview below. She talks about her back-to-back album plan around the 3:00 mark:

Avril continued to express this back-to-back album desire in more interviews the rest of the summer. Her 5th album, Avril Lavigne, finally came out in November 2013, and had only 13 songs. There were no original deluxe edition bonus tracks or b-sides – perhaps she was saving them for record #6?

The Leftovers

While we got 13 new songs from Avril Lavigne (plus an alternate version of “Rock N Roll” with acoustic instrumentation, exclusive to Target), there are plenty of known songs that have yet to be released. In late 2012, a number of new songs were registered on the Harry Fox Agency. Most of these songs were written by “the Tripod” – Avril, Chad Kroeger, and David Hodges. These new titles included “Echo,” “Fly” (a song about her foundation, the Avril Lavigne Foundation), “It’s Not Okay,” “This Must Be Love,” “Time Goes By,” and “Secret.” That last one is alternately titled “My Little Secret,” and is “about keeping our relationship under wraps” according to Avril’s new husband, Chad Kroeger.

More songs were registered in 2013, including “What Would You Say,” “This One’s For You,” and “Don’t Fuck This Up.” During a Google Hangout LiveChat in August 2013, Avril mentioned a song called “A Lot Like Love.”

“If I Said I Loved You” is a song Avril wrote with her now husband Chad Kroeger. They played it at their wedding in July 2013. As Avril told People, “We played our duet ‘If I Said I Loved You’ for our guests and danced to it for our first dance. Our guests got to hear an exclusive song! It’s our love song. We had to play it at the wedding.” They have both expressed an interest in releasing this song in the future.


With any luck, we might get to hear some of these songs on Avril’s next album. Keep checking back here for all the latest on Avril Lavigne’s next album.

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