Hear OK Go’s New Single “The Writing’s On The Wall”

OK Go announced just two weeks ago that their 4th studio album, Hungry Ghosts, will be out this October. Our first taste of the album comes in the form of their slick new single, “The Writing’s On The Wall.” The sound is comparable to the songs on their previous album, Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky, yet it moves forward into new territories as well. It has an electric, ’80s pop sheen, that sounds comfortingly familiar and nostalgic. The lyrics convey a similar relatable feeling. Singer Damian Kulash is sympathetic, crooning “It seems like forever since we had a good day.” But he wants to change that: “I just want to get you high, I just want to see some pleasure in your eyes.” This new song does just that. “The Writing’s On The Wall” is infectious, something you’ve heard in the past but made new. It makes you want to listen to it again and again, whether for the comfort, nostalgia, or new sense of hope that your future holds. It accomplishes a knowing look back and an optimistic look forward all at once.

SoundCloud / OK Go – via Iframely

“The Writing’s On The Wall” can be streamed on SoundCloud, above. You can also get an instant download of it when you pre-order any of the Hungry Ghosts bundles, available via OK Go’s PledgeMusic page. The album is set for release this October. “The Writing’s On The Wall” will also appear on their Upside Out EP, out June 17th, and appears in the new Spiderman film. Check out clips of the other songs on Hungry Ghosts when you watch the video on OK Go’s PledgeMusic page.

You can find out more about OK Go’s upcoming music by checking out our complete songs list.

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