Vanessa Carlton Confirms “Unlock The Lock” for Liberman Tracklisting

Vanessa Carlton’s fifth album, Liberman, is mastered and due out in the coming months. Although we have no firm news yet, Vanessa has shared almost the entire tracklisting for her new album. Today, she confirmed “Unlock The Lock” as track #8 on Liberman.

Vanessa included the caption “Unlock the Lock” along with a picture of herself as a child. Although the previous six songs she posted on Instagram were accompanied by their track numbers on Liberman, she did not include this song’s number. After a fan asked where “Unlock The Lock” will appear on the album, Vanessa replied, “Track 8.”

“Unlock The Lock” is not a new title: Vanessa tweeted about the song in March 2013. It also appeared on a list of songs on her blackboard, shown in a February 2013 interview.


Vanessa Carlton blackboard 2014

With this latest confirmation, we have all but three tracks placed on her 10-song album:

3 House Of Seven Swords
5 Young Heart
6 Nothing Where Something Used To Be
7 Matter Of Time
8 Unlock The Lock
9 River
10 Ascension

One song that is likely to appear on the record is “Willows.” Along with the already confirmed “House Of Seven Swords” and “Matter Of Time,” “Willows” was performed during Vanessa Carlton’s fall tour in 2013. Other songs could include the titles that appeared on her own blackboard, pictured in an interview in February 2013. Some of those songs have already been confirmed for Liberman.

Check out the full list of potential Liberman songs – perhaps you can guess what the last three songs will be!


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