Fall Out Boy Writing New Music to be Released This Year

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz recently sat down for an interview with Billboard, and revealed that the band has begun working on the follow-up to last year’s Save Rock And Roll. Right before the interview began, Pete had “just [been] working on new material with lead vocalist Patrick Stump,” and he had a lot to say about that new music:

We’re writing. I was just listening to something Patrick had written in the trailer. So we’re writing, finishing out the album cycle in South Africa in September and then I feel like the great thing about what internet culture has morphed into, we were goofing around with this weird French producer the other day just for the heck of it. And I feel like you can just put out whatever and as long as it’s authentic to who you are. It can be singles or an EP, it’s just whatever you want.

Even more exciting, Pete aims to have the new music released by the end of 2014:

I feel like it has to be before the end of the year. But we haven’t set a date yet or what it’s going to be like. I feel like you can just put out songs that you care about now.

Fall Out Boy is experienced at releasing music quickly and in a variety of formats. Although the band released their full-length 5th album, Save Rock And Roll, in April last year, only 6 months later they released a punk throwback EP called PAX AM Days. Lead singer Patrick Stump also released a solo EP in additional to a full-length album within only 8 months back in 2011. The band has also experimented with the video format, releasing one music video for each track on Save Rock And Roll as part of their “Young Blood Chronicles.”

Fans will be happy to hear Fall Out Boy’s new music later this year, whatever the format. You can read more from Pete’s interview at Billboard.

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