Avril Talks About Writing New Songs

Last week we discovered that Avril Lavigne has already started writing songs for her next album. Now Avril has talked a little more about her recent inspiration and what will happen with the new songs. Listen to her interview with Rudy Blair from 680 News – Avril begins talking about music about 6:58 into the interview. She also discusses her tour, “Hello Kitty,” and her future goals.

I’ve actually been writing songs. And I don’t usually write on the road, but I’ve been kind of writing stuff on my own lately. But I haven’t been thinking about the next record and what I’m going to do, because I’m on the tour, and we’re really just focused here. But I’m so grateful that I still have this opportunity to make music and to be on the road. And my fans have been so supportive and it’s been incredible.

SoundCloud / Hidden Jams – via Iframely

It is great to know that Avril is writing a lot on her own. Half of the songs on her 4th album, Goodbye Lullaby, were written by just Avril, and her more recent eponymous 5th album features 2 self-written songs. Songs like “Darlin’,” “Falling Fast,” and “Goodbye” show what a talented writer she is even without help from co-writers. It is also interesting that she is so inspired that she’s writing on the road. She has not written while touring in many years, so hopefully this means she’s very inspired and driven to make even better music.

Avril’s 6th album is probably still a ways off, as she is still on the road and planning more tour dates. Avril is also planning to release a video for “Give You What You Like,” from her Avril Lavigne. But it will be exciting to hear her next album and to find out if any of these new songs will make the cut! You can check out a full recap of everything we know about Avril’s 6th album. Keep checking back for more updates on Avril’s new music.

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