Hilary Duff Vocals Being Mixed For New Song

Hilary Duff’s new album is well under way, and now her vocals are being mixed for a new song. Nick Radovanovic and producer Jerrod Bettis are working on a new song that will likely appear on Hilary’s new album:

“Working on some Hilary Duff vocals 🙂 from producer@carrotlettuce #hilaryduff”


Nick assures fans that the song sounds great!

Tweets with replies by Nick Rad (@Nickradovanovic) | Twitter


Nick also clued fans in on how the song sounds: When asked if a video that Jerrod Bettis posted in May is the new Hilary Duff song he is working on, he confirmed that it is:

Tweets with replies by Nick Rad (@Nickradovanovic) | Twitter

You can hear some of the song in the video below – the Instagram video has now been deleted, but the content is available via YouTube.

The original Instagram video had this caption: “Work at home has benefits Grab ur phone and show ur tits”

There has been lots of news about Hilary Duff’s new album over the past year. You can read a recap of the whole process, and also see the list of song titles that could appear on the record. Keep checking back for more news on Hilary’s upcoming album.

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