Vanessa Carlton Confirms “Take It Easy” For Liberman Tracklist

Over the last two months, Vanessa Carlton has slowly been revealing every song that will be included on her 5th studio album, Liberman. She already revealed tracks 3-10 on Instagram, and this morning Vanessa gave a brief interview in which she confirmed that “Willows” will appear on the album. Vanessa has now revealed one more: “Take It Easy” will be the first song fans hear on Liberman.

“Take It Easy (1) – Liberman”

We now have the complete Liberman tracklisting:

1 Take It Easy
2 Willows
3 House Of Seven Swords
4 Blue Pool
5 Young Heart
6 Nothing Where Something Used To Be
7 Matter Of Time
8 Unlock The Lock
9 River
10 Ascension

This leaves a number of known songs that did not make the cut, including “Moneymaker,” originally for Vanessa’s previous album, Rabbits On The Run. Other discarded songs include “Back To Life,” “Do It,” and “Eyes See Hidden Things.” You can see other titles on the list of songs intended for Liberman. Perhaps some of those will end up being released in other ways – bonus tracks, standalone singles, or even a future album.

Liberman most likely will not be released until next year, according to Vanessa Carlton, but you can check out a recap of the journey so far.

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