Listen to New OK Go EP, “Upside Out”

OK Go just released a new music video for “The Writing’s On The Wall,” the lead single from their upcoming 4th album. Hungry Ghosts won’t be out until October, but OK Go has decided to give fans an early taste of the new music. Their new Upside Out EP was just released today, and it contains four tracks that will also appear on the album, including the first single. You can listen to the songs on Spotify below, or buy it on iTunes. Anyone who pre-orders Hungry Ghosts on PledgeMusic will also get an instant, free download of the EP.


The first song on the Upside Out EP is “Turn Up The Radio,” a great opener in which singer Damian Kulash proclaims “I want it loud as hell, I want the walls to melt.” It’s an energetic song that gets the listener pumped up for the rest of the EP. The verses provide a slightly calmer anticipation that leads into the punchier choruses.

“The Writing’s On The Wall,” on the other hand, is a dreamy pre-breakup anthem with a nostalgic vibe. This mid-tempo song describes a couple that haven’t “seen a good day” in forever, but they are hopeful that it can change. Damian sings “I just want to get you high tonight, I just want to see some pleasure in your eyes.” It’s a pleasure to listen to, despite the inevitable demise of the song’s couple.

The third song, “I Won’t Let You Down,” is a fun, hand-clapping song that could have come straight from the ’70s. It has a disco groove that makes it impossible not to dance and tap your toes. The strings in the background make it even slicker, and lead up to a smooth breakdown towards to the end of the track.

The EP ends with “The One Moment,” a slower, fuller song that builds to an anthemic chorus. It’s optimistic and victorious, like the singer has finally overcome his obstacles. It’s not as dance-y and energetic as the previous three tracks, but it sounds both endearing and powerful. “The One Moment” makes for a great closer to the EP.

Upside Out is a great preview of OK Go’s upcoming album, and we can’t wait to hear more. You can buy the EP now on iTunes, or pre-order the full Hungry Ghosts album on PledgeMusic and get an instant download of the four tracks. Hungry Ghosts will be out on October 17th.

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