Ed Sheeran Confirms First Single From Hilary Duff’s New Album

Last month, Hilary Duff confirmed that she had recorded a song written by Ed Sheeran for her new record. We’ve heard very little about it since, and still don’t even know the song’s title. But Ed Sheeran revealed a lot of new information about Hilary’s next album in an interview with Digital Spy.

First of all, we now know what the first single from Hilary’s new album will be! The song written by Ed Sheeran will be released as the lead single, and should be out later this year. Ed talked a little bit about recording the track:

Poor Hilary though, because the only time I was free I did The Voice, then had a meeting, then I had another TV show until 1 o’clock in the morning – and I know she has a kid – but I had to drag her down to the studio at that time to get the song done. She came and smashed it out in about two hours.

Ed also described the sound of Hilary’s new album as “adult alternative acoustic.” As he told Digital Spy,

I think it’ll be cool. She’s been gone for so long living family life that I think there are a lot of fans waiting for something new.

I feel like her record is not what they will expect. Obviously she comes from Lizzie McGuire and that pop world, but she’s more grown up now, so it’s more of an adult alternative acoustic sound.

It sounds like Hilary’s new record will be pretty different from what she’s done in the past. Her last album, 2007’s Dignity, was slick dance pop, ahead of the trend later popularized by artists like Lady Gaga. Hilary’s earlier records were pop rock and bubblegum pop. Going in a more mature, indie alternative direction should be a great stylistic choice for Hilary.

Keep checking back for more updates on Hilary Duff’s new album. You can read a full recap of what we know so far, and check out a list of known song titles that could appear on the record.

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