Amy Lee in Studio

Evanescence’s last album was their self-titled third record, released in October 2011. Since then, singer Amy Lee has debuted new music (such as “Find A Way,” performed live in late 2013) and revealed that music composed by herself will be featured in a new film called War Story (out on July 30th).  Amy also announced her departure from their record label, proclaiming her status as a free, independent artist in March via Twitter. However, in spite of these bits of musical information, there has been no confirmation of new music coming from Evanescence as a band or from Amy as a solo artist.

Finally, Amy Lee revealed to fans that she is in the studio:

She seems very inspired, so her new music must be sounding great! She did not indicate if it’s for Evanescence, solo material, or music for a movie. Whatever form it takes, we are excited to hear it! Hopefully it will be released soon.

In the meantime, Amy Lee is pregnant with her first child. The baby is due this summer. We do not expect to hear new music from her until well after her baby is born.

Keep checking back for more Amy Lee and Evanescence news, as well as the latest from your other favorite artists.

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