Andrew McMahon Debuts Two New Songs

Right around the time that Andrew McMahon announced his new band name, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, he treated fans to a taste of some of his new music. At a concert in the Viper Room in Los Angeles on Wednesday, July 9th, his lucky crowd of fans got to be the first to hear two new songs, called “Cecilia And The Satellite” and “High Dive.”

“Cecilia And The Satellite” is about Andrew’s new daughter, Cecilia. She was born to Andrew and his wife Kelly just this February. As he explains to the crowd, Andrew wrote this song in the days surrounding her birth. He ended up rewriting most of it before finalizing the version he performed in Los Angeles last week.

It’s a sweet, mid tempo song with Andrew’s signature keyboards and the pulsing synth vibe he debuted on his solo EP in 2013. He declares that “For all the things my eyes have seen, the best by far is you” to his baby girl. In the chorus he says “Don’t be afraid, Cecilia, I’m the satellite… and you’re the sky.” It makes for an adorable lullaby for his daughter.

“High Dive” is a more upbeat song with a hint of nostalgia as he sings of “Flashbacks getting close.” He sings of a time when he had his “headlights in a driveway,” and she was “there in the window waiting.” It sounds like they were happy times, but the chorus ends with the repeated “Watching you all night / Dancing to someone else’s song.” This song sounds more like Andrew’s pre-solo music, more straightforward piano rock than slick pop. It’s a great song that longtime fans will surely love.

Andrew McMahon was in the studio recording new music during April and May, and kept fans up to date on most of the process. When he unveiled his new name Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, he ended his message with the promise that there is “more big news to come” – so we will know more soon!

You can check out the new list of songs that could appear on Andrew’s next album. It just has the two live ones for now, but more will be added as new song titles come up. Also check out a recap of everything we know about the new Andrew McMahon album so far. Keep coming back here for more news on Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness and all your other favorite artists!

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