3 New Hilary Duff Songs Registered on ASCAP

Not one, not two, but THREE new Hilary Duff songs have been registered on ASCAP. All three were co-written by Hilary. The first new song title is “Feel Alive,” or “Feel Alive (Summer Heat).” It seems that they decided to shorten the title by removing the “Summer Heat” part from the name. “Feel Alive” was co-written by Toby Gad and Lauren Christy, both of whom we already know have been working with Hilary in the studio.

Feel Alive ASCAP

Fans may have already heard a clip of “Feel Alive”! Last month Hilary posted a short video on Instagram featuring a strumming guitar and feel-good beat. If you listen closely, however, you can hear Hilary singing the words “feel alive” – which means that this clip is probably “Feel Alive”!

June 26th: “There’s a pretty cool sound coming out of this thing@tobygadmusic

The 2nd new song title on ASCAP is “If I Fall.” It was written by Hilary Duff, Toby Gad, and Wayne Hector.


Finally, the 3rd new song is called “17.” Its alternate, probably original, title is “Still Seventeen.” It was written by Hilary Duff, Melody Faith Federer, and Oliver Goldstein.

17 (Still Seventeen) ASCAP

At this point, we have quite a few titles of songs that may appear on Hilary’s new album – you can check them all out on our tentative track list page. With all these songs, she must have enough material for a double album! If only we could hear them all!

Hilary just recently filmed the music video for her first single – and speaking of the lead single, “Chasing The Sun” will premiere this Thursday the 24th! Exciting things are happening in the Hilary Duff world! While we wait the last few days until we can hear Hilary’s new single, review our recap of her whole recording process.

Keep checking back for the latest news on Hilary Duff and all of your other favorite artists.

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