Simple Plan Is Recording A New Album!

Simple Plan has a very exciting announcement for their fans: They’re recording a new album! And not just that, but they’re already halfway done! They’ve written over 30 songs, but say that they will continue writing as they go into the studio and start recording them. They want to make an album even better than their last, and with the way they’re always growing and evolving, we have no doubt that they will top themselves yet again.

Check out their fun announcement below:

The band started working on their 5th album last year, but ended up releasing an EP of leftover tracks from 2011’s Get Your Heart On! All 7 songs were great, so we’re more than happy that the band generously shared these gems before moving on to the next album. Simple Plan is finishing up some shows, and after their last concert of the summer tonight, they will be able to enter the studio and focus entirely on their next record.

We can’t wait to hear Simple Plan’s new music! Keep checking back here for more updates as Simple Plan writes and records their 5th album.

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