Hilary Duff Talks About Personal New Songs

Hilary Duff recently stopped by Billboard for a quick interview about her upcoming 4th album. She talked about why she took such a long break from the pop world, what got her back into music, and how the new songs turned out.

Although she recorded around 6-8 songs in the last months before her son Luca was born in early 2012, Hilary took another year off before restarting the recording process. Last September, Hilary was writing “heavier and a lot darker” stuff – largely inspired by her crumbling marriage. But once she got that out – and she and Mike separated in January this year – she started writing happier and more fun songs.

Hilary says the album is “positive and very up,” but that it also talks about more difficult topics. There are some party songs. There’s a song about her son Luca. There’s a song about her separation from and love for her husband Mike Comrie: As Hilary describes, “maybe we’re not meant to be together, or maybe we are – it’s very very personal.”  Some songs are heavier and darker, but many of them are lighter and more representative of Hilary’s overall bubbly, positive personality. The songs on her new album are all personal, but she maintains her “happy spirit.”

“If I Fall” is about Hilary taking a step back and shutting down her whole business – as she did back in 2008 after 3 hugely successful albums. It’s about “Everyone not believing in me, and me being really scared to be alone after I’d been surrounded by 100 people for 5 years of my life.”

Hilary also talks about a song called “Tattoo,” which was written by Ed Sheeran. Hilary was already a big fan of Ed’s work, and when her A&R manager got the track from Ed Sheeran, Hilary was excited. She says it’s a “perfect pop song,” but that “everyone can relate to it. It definitely reminds me of a relationship in my life when I was a little younger that really hurt.” Based on their schedules, they ended up recording the song at 1:00 am. Ed wanted to be there, and he went into the recording booth with Hilary – which is not the norm when recording songs – usually the singer is in their by herself. Hilary was surprised and confused, but Ed sat down and told Hilary “we’re gonna record like this, and I’d like to do it line by line, we’re gonna do it about 6 times.” Hilary was nervous to be singing there with Ed, but she did her best. She says it was great to have him be “so involved,” and he ended up recording the backing vocals for “Tattoo.”

You can listen to the whole interview at Billboard. Hilary comes in about 22 minutes into the podcast.

Hilary’s new album is due out this fall, but her first single “Chasing The Sun” was just released earlier this week. You can see a list of all the songs that could be on her new record, as well as a recap of the whole recording process. Keep checking back here for more news on Hilary Duff and your other favorite singers.

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