The All-American Rejects Plan To Record New Album This Fall

It’s been a couple of years since the All-American Rejects have released new music. Their last album, Kids In The Street, came out in March 2012, and showed the band maturing and experimenting with their sound. Since then, the band members have spent a year and a half relaxing a bit and living their lives. They were all ready for a break and a chance to catch their breaths. Frontman Tyson Ritter found time to marry his girlfriend over the New Year, and now the band is getting back into gear, refreshed and re-energized.

Guitarist Nick Wheeler spoke to Lehigh Valle Live about the All-American Rejects’ casual touring of late – and their plans to start recording their next album. He says they want to take a more “in-the-moment” approach to writing and recording the next record:

Tyson and I have been talking about it. We’re excited to do this record differently. Be more spontaneous and have more fun. I’m excited about having a fresh idea and going into the studio that week and turning it into something. Make it a process of days instead of months. You hear all these romantic stories about jam sessions (in the studio) that turned into something, capture the moment. … I think we’re excited to take one of those moments, if we can, and be in the moment.

Wheeler doesn’t listen to the current music much, and prefers to create songs that come more from their own ideas rather than recycled trends in the contemporary music scene. He also mentioned he would like to make music spontaneously instead of re-working songs they started months earlier.

It sounds like the All-American Rejects may have a fairly quick recording process once they do enter the studio. They will start working on their new album this fall, so keep checking back for more news on their progress.

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