3 More Songs From Hilary Duff’s Album On ASCAP

Hilary Duff’s new album is just around the corner, and now we have another 3 song titles that may make the cut! The songs were just registered on ASCAP. All three were written by Hilary Duff, Toby Gad, and Wayne Hector – they worked together earlier this year and already have a few songs registered on ASCAP. The trio also wrote “It All Starts Tonight” and a song called “If I Fall,” which Hilary talked about in a recent interview.

The new songs written by the trio are called “Falling,” “When We Were Young,” and “Whistling Dixie.” Check them out below:

Hilary Duff Falling ASCAP

Hilary Duff When We Were Young ASCAP

Hilary Duff Whistling Dixie ASCAP


With these 3 new titles, we now have more than 20 songs that could appear on Hilary’s new album! Some of the earlier songs, such as “Breathing Room” and “Outlaw,” may not make the track list – her earlier, heavy EDM songs have all been scrapped. Instead, she’s using her folky and indie songs that she wrote and recorded more recently. Don’t worry though – Hilary is open to leaking the songs that don’t make it!

Hilary Duff’s new album is due out this fall, but you can listen to her first single “Chasing The Sun” now. Check out a recap of the album recording process and a list of songs that may be on the album. Keep checking back for more on Hilary Duff and your other favorite artists.

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