Hilary Duff: All About “All About You”

Hilary Duff fans had a big weekend! Just last Friday we found out that Hilary is already planning to release another single, even though “Chasing The Sun” has only been out for a couple of weeks. Her new single, “All About You,” will premiere tonight on the Adam Bomb Show, but until then we have some other goodies for you to check out:

First of all, we now have the official single cover art for “All About You.” Fans were able to unlock pieces of the artwork puzzle, and on Saturday the full picture was revealed:

Hilary Duff All About You

And that’s not all! Last night at the Teen Choice Awards, you may have heard a preview of “All About You” – if you were watching at the right time! Right after Ariana Grande finished accepting her award, they played a 10 second clip of Hilary’s next single:


It sounds great! It’s not quite as mellow as “Chasing The Sun” – this one seems more radio friendly.

Finally, Hilary stopped by The Scotty K & Riley Morning Show for a quick interview. She talked about both of her singles and an upcoming music video.

One thing to make clear: “Chasing The Sun” was actually more of a warm-up single, and “All About You” is the proper radio single. As Hilary said, “I’ve been gone for 7 years, why not put out two songs in one month?” She elaborated more on “All About You”:

“All About You” is the radio single. It’s definitely one of my favorite songs on the record. It’s awesome. It’s about two people you can’t stay away from each other, and kind of are electric when they’re together. And it’s a good summer song. I love it.

It’s way more upbeat than “Chasing The Sun” was.

And what about a music video for her new single?

I’m shooting [a music video] next week. I’m still going through treatments. I have some ideas. It has a little bit of a country twang thing at the end, so I think like a line dance would be fun. I don’t know. I have all these different ideas of the video, but I’m not sure yet.

Hilary also assured that there will be more singles down the road as well.

I think that the following single will be the one I did with Ed Sheeran called “Tattoo.” He’s amazing, it was great.”

She has mentioned that both “Tattoo” and “All About You” were being considered for singles when they chose “Chasing The Sun.”

You can check out the full interview below. They start talking about music around the 3:22 mark:

Hilary also talked about “Chasing The Sun” and “All About You” while attending the Teen Choice Awards last night:

We can’t wait to hear “All About You.” Remember, it premieres tonight on the Adam Bomb Show, and will be released digitally at midnight. You can pre-order it on iTunes now. Feel free to check out a recap of the album recording process and a list of songs that may appear on the record. Hilary’s album is scheduled for release this fall. Keep coming back here for more news on Hilary Duff and your other favorite artists.

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