Avril Lavigne Going Less Pop On New Songs

In May we discovered that Avril Lavigne is already writing new songs. Even though her self-titled 5th album came out only last November and she is currently touring in support of it, that hasn’t stopped her from crafting more tunes. She confirmed in June that she’s been writing these new songs alone.

Now we have more info on Avril’s new songs: In an interview with In Rock Magazine, Avril revealed that the songs she was writing while in Brazil are less pop than the music she’s known for. Will Avril’s next album go in a new direction?

Avril In Rock 2014

Throughout her career, Avril has always been somewhere in the pop rock category. She’s ranged from darker, heavier tracks to upbeat pop punk and straightforward pop. It was after her 3rd album when things got tricky for the singer. Although she wanted to go in a mellow, acoustic direction for Goodbye Lullaby – reflective of her recent divorce – her label wanted a couple of hit pop singles. Arguments, returns to the studio, and a over a year later, and her 4th album was divided into two halves: Part radio friendly pop, part acoustic pop rock.

On her 5th album, Avril Lavigne, Avril faced similar differences of opinion. She was ready to release a record full of indie rock and pop rock songs that were personal to her. Indeed, songs like “Give You What You Like” and “Falling Fast” showed a whole new direction for Avril, one that was more mature and adult contemporary. But her label once again wanted those radio hits, and she ended up recording with big name producers to make pop rock songs that are more akin to her earlier work.

Avril’s last two albums have been inconsistent and confused in their musical style. Avril probably knows what she wants: Less pop, more singer-songwriter/rock/acoustic. But her label wants her to repeat the success of “Girlfriend” over and over, and demands pop songs that she ultimately isn’t interested in.

Hopefully Avril Lavigne’s next album will be exactly how she wants it, and represent the sound and style that she has in mind. We’re excited to hear her “less pop” songs. If they’re anything like the more latter half of Avril Lavigne, they will be amazing.

Keep checking back here for more news on Avril Lavigne and your other favorite artists. You can also check out a full recap of everything we know about Avril’s 6th album so far.


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