“If You Don’t Mind” – Evanescence

Registration: ASCAP, BMI
Leaked: January 20, 2013
Recorded: 2006: For The Open Door album
Writers: Amy Lee, Terry Balsamo, Will Boyd
Publishers: Bughouse; Sweet Tea 666 Music
Live Versions: First performed live on October 4, 2012 in Porto Alegre, Brazil; Performed live until November 2012

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“If You Don’t Mind” is one of the most long-awaited leftover tracks from Evanescence’s discography. It was originally recorded for the band’s sophomore album, The Open Door. After confirming intentions to release it as a b-side, the plans were scrapped and the song remained unheard for years. It wasn’t until 2012 that fans could finally hear “If You Don’t Mind.”


The Open Door: Planned B-Sides

Evanescence’s second album, The Open Door, came out in October 2006. It showed growth in sound and style, and ended up doing nearly as well as their debut record. The album featured 13 songs, but those weren’t the only tracks the band recorded. In a November 2006 issue of Metal Edge magazine, they confirmed that they had “three planned B-sides” that were supposed to be released with their upcoming singles. The extra songs were called “The Last Song I’m Wasting On You,” “Together Again,” and “If You Don’t Mind.”

In the end, only one of those songs was actually released as a B-side. “The Last Song I’m Wasting On You” was released on the “Lithium” single in early 2007. The other two songs would have to wait.

In spring of that year, a song claiming to be the intro of “If You Don’t Mind” appeared online, however fans quickly discovered that it was fake. That song was not “If You Don’t Mind” – rather, it was a track called “True” by Akira Yamaoka.


“Together Again”

In early 2010, another of the “three planned B-sides” finally saw official release. “Together Again” was a digital download for the United Nations Foundation in Haiti earthquake recovery efforts. Anyone who donated $5 or more received the song.

“Together Again” was then put up for purchase on iTunes in February 2010.

With 2 of the 3 B-sides accounted for, this left only one more: “If You Don’t Mind” was the only remaining leftover.


Live Debut

October 4, 2012 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Evanescence was on tour in support of their self-titled third album, released in October 2011. They finally decided to let fans hear “If You Don’t Mind,” playing it live right there for the first time. Amy told the crowd:


I’m gonna do something different now. We’ve had this little song we’ve been wanting to share for about 7 years now, and finally I got tired of waiting. I can’t think of any place in the entire world where I’d rather play this song for the very first time. Brazil! This is called “If You Don’t Mind.”

And then they launched into the heavy track:

They continued playing the song for the rest of their tour, into November 2012.


Finally, After More Than 6 Years, “If You Don’t Mind” Leaks

The live versions were great, but fans still wanted the studio version. Luckily, they didn’t have to wait much longer. On January 20, 2013, “If You Don’t Mind” finally leaked onto the internet. The studio version was out there for fans to hear and download, and it sounded just as good as the live performances from just months before.

It’s a heavy song, with a prominent guitar riff and low vocals in the verses. “If You Don’t Mind” shows Evanescence at their grimiest and most rock. Rather than being beautiful and heart wrenching like some of the other song on The Open Door, this one is straightforward rock that’s great to turn up loud. It’s a short song, but worth every second.

So finally “If You Don’t Mind” was out there for all to hear. It only took 7 years, but fans finally got all three of the planned B-sides from The Open Door. It just took a bit longer than initially expected.



Where’s the light
Killed my day
Lost in the dark of your ways
Wasting my energy, endlessly
On your sweet lie

And if you don’t mind
I would like to live the lie that I will survive
And if you don’t mind
I would love to slip away and leave your world behind

Insecure, I’m not so sure that
You’re not just faking something
Wasting our last day
I can’t take the pain, babe

And if you don’t mind
I would like to live the lie that I will survive
And if you don’t mind
I would love to slip away and leave it all behind

And if you don’t mind
I would like to live the lie that I will survive
And if you don’t mind
If you don’t mind

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