Garbage Plan To Finish New Album By End Of Year… & Have BIG Plans For 2015

Big news, Garbage fans! You may have noticed that the band has been working on some new music all year. Most recently, they revealed a list of 22 new song titles that are probably for the next album. In a new interview with Adler, drummer Butch Vig said they are only just getting started: Garbage will begin officially recording this week, but will probably not take long. They plan to finish the whole recording process by the end of this year!

Until now, Garbage has been writing and jamming for a few days at a time. They now have around 35-40 new songs (or “jammy ideas,” as Butch describes them). They’re going to sort through those and record their favorites, and should be done in about 3 or 4 months. That means that album #6 will probably be out sometime in early to mid 2015.

But that’s not all that’s happening next year. 2015 marks the 20 year anniversary since Garbage released their self-titled debut album, and the band has some big plans to celebrate. According to Butch, they will be “rolling out a re-issue” of Garbage, and it will include lots of bonus material and b-sides. They also have a lot of archival footage that they hope to release as well.

With a brand new album and a 20 year anniversary re-issue, 2015 will be a big year for Garbage fans. To top it off, Garbage will also be going on tour next summer and fall, so keep an eye out for official tour announcements in the coming months.

Check out the full interview below. Butch Vig starts talking about all the Garbage music plans around 1:54.

SoundCloud / adlerfm1021 – via Iframely

We can’t wait to hear all the new – and old – Garbage material! Keep checking back here for more Garbage news. You can also check out our recap of their recording process so far and a list of songs that may appear on album #6.

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