Billie Joe Armstrong To Star In Comedy Film “Geezer”

Green Day certainly has been interested in movies lately! Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong made his major role acting debut with the new indie film, Like Sunday, Like Rain, which will be shown at some film festivals this fall. Now he has an even bigger role lined up: He is set to star in an upcoming comedy called Geezer, about a 40 year old rock star whose family forgets his birthday. Billie Joe will reportedly have the lead role, and the film is to be directed by Lee Kirk. Playing a rock star should be a good fit for Billie Joe!

The film seems to be in the early stages, but there will likely be more information about it in the coming months.

This is just the latest in a plethora of films from the punk trio. They released two documentaries last year – one called ¡Cuatro! about their 2012 trilogy of albums, and one called Broadway Idiot, documenting the making of their hit musical American Idiot, based on the album of the same name. Speaking of American Idiot, that is in works to become a feature film (starring Billie Joe as St. Jimmy), and the long-awaited documentary Heart Like A Hand Grenade may or may not finally be released this year. Green Day is also making a pre-Dookie documentary and documentary about the East Bay punk scene. As far as non-documentary films go, Billie Joe’s aforementioned film Like Sunday, Like Rain will be shown at select film festivals (including CBGB’s) this fall, and bassist Mike Dirnt is producing a movie called Crickets.

That’s a lot of movies! But what about music? Green Day hasn’t mentioned any major plans yet, other than the random Avicii song here and there. They seem to be taking it easy for now, trying new things and getting re-inspired, but soon enough they’ll be ready to make new music again. Until then, keep checking back here for all the latest on Green Day and your other favorite bands.

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