Kelly Clarkson’s New Album Coming In Early 2015

Kelly Clarkson’s 6th studio album has been in the works for a long time now. We’ve gotten some bits of info here and there over the months, but this is the first time we’ve gotten something more concrete in quite a while! Kelly took to Twitter to share some song lyrics (!) and reveal when we can hear her new record.

On Friday, Kelly tweeted out a mysterious line that looked like it could have been ripped from a song:

Fans started speculating almost immediately, and Kelly – the generous and kind icon that she is – decided to ease our excited minds: She confirmed that, indeed, those words come from a song that will appear on her new album.

We wonder what the song is called! Will it be the lead single from the record? It’s also great to know that, despite just giving birth to an adorable little girl a few months ago, Kelly is still working on her new music.

Her revealing tweets didn’t stop there, either! Kelly responded to a curious fan’s question about this new music, revealing that the album should be out early next year! It may even feature a guest singer – who could it be?

Kelly’s album was originally slated for early 2014, but after becoming pregnant it was pushed back to the end of this year. It’s no surprise that it’s been moved back a bit more. Kelly must be enjoying her new motherhood, and may have some second year promo planned for her holiday album, Wrapped In Red, which came out last fall.

This is all great news. More details about Kelly’s new album are sure to come in over the next few months as the release date gets closer. For now, you can check out a recap of everything we know about it so far (and it’s a lot!). You may also want to review the list of song titles that could appear on the record. Keep checking back here for more on Kelly Clarkson and your other favorite singers.

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