Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness Debuts New Song “Canyon Moon”

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness sure is excited for his new music to be heard! After releasing lead single “Cecilia And The Satellite” in July, and then “High Dive” just a few weeks ago, the singer has debuted a third song from his upcoming self-titled album. This track is called “Canyon Moon.”

Andrew McMahon described the inspiration behind the song:

This song was written towards the end of my time in Topanga Canyon. I wanted to have something on the album with a real California flavor that spoke to the throwback qualities of living in the canyon. I remember going into the session with Kevin and Sam with California Dreamin as a reference track. Canyon Moon is a story about a girl who loses herself in this idyllic, west coast fantasy world and has to get out. The theme of escape is one I’ve always enjoyed writing about and there is something haunting about this track and it’s lack of resolution that I find really charming.

“Canyon Moon” has an ethereal quality and a pulsing beat, and his “ooh”s sound like a coyote howling to that lonely moon. The song succeeds in transporting you to the sparse California landscape, a scene painted with words and sounds. Unlike most songs, this one doesn’t have a happy or clear ending – it’s left open, allowing you to finish the story in your head.

Based on what we’ve heard so far, the new album Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness is going to be a real treat, for longtime fans and new listeners alike. It will be out on October 14th, but you can preorder it on iTunes or Amazon now. (If you do, you’ll get instant downloads of the three new songs!) You can also pick out a physical bundle on his official site.

Keep checking back here for more music new from Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness.

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