Muse’s First Week In The Studio: Sneak Peeks From Album #7

After months of teasing fans with hints about their next album (it will be heavy), Muse has finally started actually recording it. And although the band is usually fairly quiet about the process, this time around they seem to want to share the whole experience with their fans. Since they began recording earlier this month, Muse has shared plenty of behind-the-scenes photos and videos from their studio. Some even give some clues as to how album #7 will sound.

Dominic Howard (drummer): “The set up has started!” (Oct. 2)

“Day 1…” (Oct. 3)

“Listening to some FAT bass distortion.” (Oct. 4)

“Always good to use this old friend! Sounding awesome!” (Oct. 4)

“Managed to get a mid-take selfie..” (Oct. 5)

“The guitar amp is in another room…” (Oct. 5)

“Take 7 coming up.” (Oct. 6)

“Working on a bass solo” (Oct. 7)

“Waiting to play round two on a track. No offensive..” (Oct. 7)

“Slide action” (Oct. 8)

(Oct. 9)

“It’s sounding (ph)at..” (Oct. 10)

In addition to these fun studio sneak peeks, singer Matt Bellamy has also had time to answer some fans’ questions. He confirms that Muse is still in the early stages, but hope to have their 7th album out next summer:

The English rockers still have some months of recording left, and Hidden Jams will be here throughout the process. You can check out our full recap of Muse’s 7th album recording process, and keep coming back here for all the latest updates.

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