Kelly Clarkson’s Puzzle Piece Clues For Next Album

With another 6 months left until Kelly Clarkson’s next album comes out, fans may have some time for a little fun and games until then. According to Kelly herself, her next album has something to do with puzzles. She gave her first clue about it a few days ago:

Last night, on October 25th, Kelly performed a concert in Buffalo, NY to celebrate the opening of another Microsoft store. Some lucky fans got to talk to her during a meet n greet, and Kelly let slip some more puzzling clues:

According to a fan known as jtan6pak on the fan site, Kelly Clarkson Express, the new album could be not one discs, but TWO:

Ok time for meet and greet scoop. I think the puzzle clue means that it is going to be a dual/multiple disc album bc a puzzle has multiple pieces. When I asked her about multiple discs she said “I’m not saying yet” which makes me think it is bc shed have said no if it wasn’t lol. The first single is a smasher w a major pop star (so I take her saying that as it ring a solo artist and by her saying a smasher I’m thinking a big pop jam). I told her I want her to bust out some stuff like old man or when I said yes and she said that this album is nothing like that. It is very out if the box but in a great way. She loves the way it is shaping up and she has tons of material. I was actually nervous bc she remembered me and as I walked away after getting two pictures w her she called me back bc she wanted to talk more about her music but the Microsoft people grabbed another girl and shoved her in. Great show babe looks great.

If Kelly’s next album is indeed going to be a dual/multiple disc release, that would make a lot of sense, and would be great for her eager fans. And this could go a few ways.

One possibility is that Kelly’s 6th album may be part pop and part country. In fall last year, Kelly admitted to recording two new albums – one country and one pop. Her song “Tie It Up” was tentatively meant to be the lead single from the country album. Kelly had wanted to release both albums so that fans could hear all the sides of her. However, after becoming pregnant and putting music on hold, the plans changed. Perhaps the new game plan is to release one disc of original pop songs and the second disc with original country songs as a dual album.

Another way that could go is to release the same songs on both discs, but in different versions. Shania Twain famously released her 2002 album Up! in that way: One disc had all 19 songs in a country music style, and the second disc had the same songs but with a pop music style. Kelly could try a similar strategy with her new music.

A third option is that Kelly’s new album will mix country and pop together (or be primarily pop), and simply be two (or more) discs full of music. She began working on her 6th album back in 2012, and has worked with many songwriters and producers since then. She must have a LOT of new songs ready. Perhaps, instead of scrapping most of them, she decided to generously release 2+ albums worth of songs – whatever the genre or style. Green Day tried a similar plan in 2012. They had written more than 70 songs, and rather than leaving most of them unheard and collecting dust, the punk bank decided to release a trilogy. The three full length albums – ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tré! – were released separately between September and December 2012, and were divided by style and theme. It was a great idea, and allowed fans to enjoy a lot more music. Kelly could go that route and release multiple discs or entirely separate albums.

This could also go the way she originally implied in fall 2013: A separate pop album and country album, released at their own times. That would go along the lines of Green Day’s trilogy, releasing separate albums according to theme and style.

These are just a  few ideas for how Kelly’s release could go. All of them sound like great options, whether we’re really close or really far off from what will be reality. Only time will tell! Hopefully we’ll uncover some more pieces to this puzzle soon.

Kelly’s lead single is expected in January, with an album following in spring 2015. You can catch up on everything we know – and it’s a lot! – over on our recording recap page. You can also see a list of known song titles that could appear on her record. Keep coming back here for more of the latest Kelly Clarkson news.

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