See OK Go’s Kaleidoscopic New Video For “I Won’t Let You Down”

OK Go is back again to slay our souls with another inventive one-take video. Their latest music video is for a song called “I Won’t Let You Down,” from their new album Hungry Ghosts. It starts with some choreography reminiscent of OK Go’s treadmill routine in “Here It Goes Again,” but instead of dancing on treadmills, this time the foursome are rolling around on these new unicycle devices. They’re Honda’s new UNI-CUB personal mobility devices, and they seem to work pretty well.

The four band members do some footwork and handclaps in a gym, then roll out to the parking lot for some spins. That’s when the camera suddenly takes an aerial view of them, looking down as a group of dancers comes in with red umbrellas. These umbrella dancers, alongside the four band members, create an impressive kaleidoscopic effect of changing colors and patterns. But they’re not done there – hundreds more dancers come in, bringing more red, green, yellow, and blue umbrellas for extra choreographed fun. By the end, the group of hundreds of dancers looks like a giant Lite-Brite, with the song name and artist flashing at the bottom like on a satellite radio or (now extinct) iPod. Check it out below:

“I Won’t Let You Down” is a fun, upbeat, and fairly disco-y song from OK Go’s latest album, Hungry Ghosts. It follows lead single “The Writing’s On The Wall,” which also had an impressive video centered on playing tricks on the eye. You can buy both – or the full album – on iTunes. “I Won’t Let You Down” is just the second video from this album, so you can expect plenty more creative videos for the remaining Hungry Ghosts songs. Keep checking back here for all the latest OK Go music news.

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