Album Of The Week: ¡Dos!

In 2012 Green Day announced that they would be releasing not one new album, but three. Their trilogy started with ¡Uno!, an album that harkened back to the pop punk simplicity of their major label breakthrough, 1994’s Dookie. This was followed by their experimental, garage rock record ¡Dos!, and ended with ¡Tré!, the album most similar to their American Idiot styled arena rock.

While most fans primarily loved ¡Uno! or perhaps ¡Tré!, many overlooked ¡Dos! as the weakest link in the trilogy. But that seems unfair. ¡Dos! is certainly the most different compared to most of Green Day’s other material in their extensive catalog; many hardcore fans noticed that this album sounded a lot more like the band’s side project, Foxboro Hot Tubs, rather than Green Day.

But with its rawness, grittiness, and straightforward garage rock style, ¡Dos! is actually the best album of Green Day’s trilogy. It is sorely underrated, and shows Green Day trying new things and providing fans with something different instead of the same old expected songs. ¡Dos! seems fun and simple, but it’s also quite dark and personal.

It’s now been two full years since ¡Dos! was released, and it still is just enjoyable as it was when it first came out. Highlights from this superb piece of rock and roll include “Wow! That’s Loud,” “Wild One,” “Stray Heart,” “Amy,” and “Stop When The Red Lights Flash.”

¡Dos! is too often overlooked, but it deserves much more attention and love than it’s received. Listen to it with an open mind, and you’ll surely want to go back and replay it again.

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