Rumor: Kelly Clarkson Teams Up With Bruno Mars On Single, “Shadow”

Kelly’s new album is coming out this spring, with a lead single scheduled to drop in January. We also know that she has a collaboration with an amazingly voiced male artist that “everyone loves.” Now rumors are swirling about who this mystery duet partner could be, and what that upcoming lead single will be.

These are just rumors, but apparently Kelly Clarkson has a new single called “Shadow,” and it features none other than Bruno Mars! He certainly fits her description, and their voices would sound great together. The rumor started from a random Twitter account, which stated that “Shadow” would be the lead single and see release on January 13th.

This sounds like it could have been made up; the user name is suspicious enough as it is. But apparently some fans have gone straight to Kelly Clarkson herself to find out what they could about it. Yesterday, Kelly was honored at the Musicians On Call 15th Anniversary Celebration for her longtime work with the organization. Some lucky fans attended the event and got a meet n greet with Kelly, and being excited, curious fans, they asked her about “Shadow.”

Two fans that met Kelly last night have said that Kelly confirmed “Shadow,” but it is NOT the first single. Perhaps it will be the second single instead. Furthermore, she did not confirm whether the song features Bruno Mars.

So it sounds like “Shadow” is a real song. Perhaps it’s the song Kelly tweeted lyrics from two months ago:

This is all just speculation for now, so we’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

Kelly Clarkson’s first single – whatever it is – will be released in January, with the album coming out around April or May. It has some kind of mysterious “puzzle” theme which intrigues us even more. You can catch up on everything we know about Kelly’s new album on our recap page, and check out a list of known song titles that could appear on the record. Keep checking back here for more of the latest Kelly Clarkson music news.

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