Album Of The Week: Breakaway

Can you believe it’s been 10 years already? Kelly Clarkson’s iconic album Breakaway has been out for a full decade now, and its numerous hit singles are now considered modern classics. This was a game changing album, not just for Kelly Clarkson, but for pop rock music in general.

Before Breakaway, Kelly was often written off as a lucky singing competition winner. The inaugural American Idol champion had a couple of hits under her belt already, but hadn’t yet earned the respect. 2004’s “Breakaway” (co-written by Avril Lavigne) was slow building hit that ended up being bigger than anyone expected; this was also just the breakthrough Kelly needed to capture people’s attention. Her next single, “Since U Been Gone,” was the major anthem of the album. Everyone loved it, and it transformed Kelly from an innocent girl-next-door into a pop rock queen.

The self-penned third single “Behind These Hazel Eyes” continued the major success (and had probably the best video from the album). “Because Of You” was written by Kelly when she was just 16, and although her label refused to release it on her debut album Thankful and had similar reservations this time around, Kelly managed to convince them not only to put it on her record, but also to release it as the 4th single. This touching ballad ended up being another big hit, and was followed by the final single, “Walk Away.”

This whole album, its 5 singles, and the era overall solidified Kelly Clarkson as a reputable and significant force in the pop music world. In the decade that’s passed since Breakaway was first released, Kelly has maintained her position as an important pop rock singer.

In addition to the album’s singles, other standout tracks on Breakaway include “Addicted,” “Hear Me,” and “Beautiful Disaster (Live).”

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