Billie Joe Armstrong Hints At New Green Day Music Coming In 2015

Is new Green Day music on the horizon? If we’re reading frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s Instagram caption right, there could be some more Green Day in our lives in 2015. He posted this cryptic message today:

I’m in a hardware store in queens. and this is on my mind. #greenday15 #thefutureisnow #greendayforever

We hope this means a new album will come out within the next 12 months! A new tour is also an appealing option. Billie Joe isn’t clear about how far along into new music planning/recording they are – or if they’ve started anything yet at all. But it’s good to know he’s at least thinking about getting back to his iconic band to play some music. His fans are eagerly waiting.

It’s been a little while since we’ve had new Green Day music. Their last studio album – three of them, actually – came out in 2012. Their trilogy of albums culminated with ¡Tré! in December 2012, and since then they’ve toured the world and released a demos compilation called Demolicious in April this year. Billie Joe also released a collection of Everly Brothers covers with Norah Jones last November. Other than that, there has been little new music.

Green Day has had some other various projects going on instead – making an East Bay Punk documentary, acting in movies (Like Sunday, Like Rain), producing movies (Crickets), recording songs with Avicci (“No Pleasing A Woman”). Family life has also taken center stage: Bassist Mike Dirnt’s wife Brittany has been battling breast cancer, while drummer Tré Cool just got married.

Billie Joe is currently filming a new movie called Geezer in New York City (that’s why he’s in Queens). He is writing new songs for Geezer – which we’re excited to hear – and perhaps this has helped get him back into Green Day mode.

For now this is all hopeful speculation. We’re taking Billie Joe’s hints in the most optimistic way, and with any luck we’ll have some new Green Day tunes in the new year. Keep checking back here for all the latest Green Day news.

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