Album Of The Week: Strip Me

Four years ago this month, Natasha Bedingfield released her 3rd studio album, Strip Me. It was led by the upbeat first single “Touch,” and followed by the second single and title track, “Strip Me.” Neither song did very well on the charts – they failed to match the success of earlier singles in her career, like “Unwritten” and “Pocketful Of Sunshine.” The album had similar underperformance – whereas her first two albums were hits, Strip Me went largely unnoticed.

That’s a shame, because Strip Me is actually a wonderfully done record. It simultaneously features a dancier sound in some places – the aforementioned “Touch,” for example – as well as stripped down production. It feels more intimate yet polished. Natasha sings in her signature soulful, personable way, crooning words it feels like you could have written yourself.

Natasha is also exploring some new topics on Strip Me. Her first album was based in independence, while her second was more focused on relationships and love; this record seems to be more about growing up. Some of it is about love – whether romantic, familial, or self-love. Others are about facing your own fears and building up confidence. Whether overcoming struggles or looking back on the butterfly effect that led you to where you are now, Strip Me is an album anyone can relate to and enjoy.

The whole record is amazing all the way through. Some highlights include “Touch,” “Little Too Much,” “Can’t Fall Down,” “Break Thru,” and the title track, “Strip Me.”

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