Album Of The Week: The Reason

Hoobastank’s sophomore album, The Reason, came out in December 2003, but it was 2004 when the record soared up the charts thanks to the success of its title track. The album is filled with post-grunge and alternative/hard rock, but it also has its radio friendly ballads. Energetic and guitar driven songs are complemented by frontman Doug Robb’s clear and melodic vocals.

This album is best known for the title track, “The Reason.” This ballad was a huge hit, reaching #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and topping US Top 40, Mainstream, and Alternative charts. “The Reason” was nominated for a Grammy for Song of the Year, and helped push The Reason to #3 on the Billboard 200 album charts. The song was constantly played on radio, achieving crossover success and bringing newfound attention to Hoobastank.

Other singles included “Out Of Control,” “Same Direction,” and “Disappear,” all of which did well on rock radio charts. While the first two are uptempo and more guitar-driven, “Disappear” is a slower, somber piece that builds up over 5 minutes.

The Reason was a huge success for Hoobastank, and remains the commercial peak of their career.  They have failed to see this level of commercial success since then, but Hoobastank has continued putting out quality albums every few years that show them evolving their sound.

The Reason is a fantastic album, and despite having 11 years since its release, it still sounds fresh today. Highlights include “The Reason,” “From The Heart,” “What Happened To Us,” “Never There,” and “Let It Out.”

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