Hear A Preview Of Gwen Stefani’s New Song “Shine”

Gwen Stefani has been making a solo comeback this year, and in addition to the first two songs from her anticipated new album, we have another one right around the corner. Gwen first mentioned a song called “Shine” back in October when she was promoting her lead single, “Baby Don’t Lie.” She revealed that it was a new No Doubt song, and said she had written it with Pharrell.

Since then, Gwen has confirmed that “Shine” will be in the upcoming children’s film, Paddington, which will be released in the US in January. The movie follows a Peruvian bear who ends up in England; the story is based on the popular Paddington Bear children’s book series which started in the 1950s.

Although Gwen has mentioned that “Shine” is a No Doubt song, it seems that the version in the movie is just her and Pharrell Williams. There is no mention of No Doubt. You can hear two short clips of it below:

“Shine” only appears in the US version of Paddington, which will hit theaters on January 16th. It follows Gwen’s first two singles, “Baby Don’t Lie” and “Spark The Fire.” Gwen’s upcoming third solo album will be released in early 2015; she is also working on a new No Doubt record with the band, which may also be released later in the year.

You can catch up on everything we know about the new Gwen Stefani and No Doubts records, and also check out a list of known song titles. Keep coming back here for more of the latest music news.

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