Kelly Clarkson Describes Her “Uplifting” New Album

Even though Kelly Clarkson’s highly anticipated new album is right around the corner, we still have surprisingly little information about it. We know she’s been working on it for the last two years, and that she aims to have it out between March and May 2015. We also know that the new single comes out next month (some claim it will be January 5th). But now Kelly has finally given us some more hints about what to expect.

In a press conference on Thursday talking about her Miracle On Broadway benefit concert, Kelly was asked about how her album will sound. After cracking a quick joke, she revealed:

It’s an uplifting record. I’ve always been a person about empowerment and doing empowering songs. There’s empowering songs on the record and there’s a lot of positive on there. There’s all kind of genres. I’m obviously affected by the community I live in [Nashville, TN], so there’s a little bit of everything. It’s a great record.

This may come as no surprise to die-hard fans. Though Kelly is known for her empowerment anthems and sad songs about love gone wrong, recent events in Kelly’s personal life may have changed her outlook. When her last studio album, Stronger, was released in October 2011, Kelly had been single for years after some bad breakups. But in the three years since then, Kelly has found love, gotten married, and had a baby girl.

She joked back in 2012 that her newfound love was killing her songwriting. Instead of writing her usual sad songs, everything was “coming out like butterflies and rainbows.” She exclaimed, “I’m too damn happy! I can’t write anything depressing. It’s really hard to write happy songs that don’t make you want to vomit.” Apparently she accomplished just that though, because this new record is going to be uplifting.

It’s also worth noting that her new record will have “all kind of genres.” In fall 2013, Kelly revealed that she’d recorded not one, but two albums. One was a country record (led by the single “Tie It Up”), and the other would be a full pop album. She had planned to release both in 2014, but her pregnancy put those on hold and gave her time to keep recording instead.

It looks like the two albums may have been combined into one. Unless her new album is more than just a single, straightforward album. Kelly did say that her upcoming record has some kind of “puzzle” theme – could that mean multiple albums? Only time will tell, but it’s an intriguing thought!

From her description, this new album sounds like it will be amazing. After her greatest hits collection from 2012, we’re ready to hear the next chapter of Kelly’s music career. We will have a new single out in January (possibly the 5th – that’s only a few weeks away!), and soon enough we’ll have some more concrete news.

Check out our full recap of everything we know about Kelly’s new album (and there’s a lot). You can also look over our list of known song titles and see if you can guess which ones will make the cut. Keep checking back here for all the latest Kelly Clarkson music news.

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