Avril Lavigne Has Many New Projects “Lined Up” For 2015

Update: The first project of 2015 is the long-awaited music video for “Give You What You Like” – the single will also appear in a new film called Babysitter’s Black Book.

The second project will come in the form of Avril’s unreleased song, “Fly.” It will be released in support of the 2015 Special Olympics being held this July. The song will be available on iTunes on April 16th, and a music video featuring Avril and the Special Olympics athletes will also be released.

Update 2: Avril has revealed her plans for 2015! After her charity single “Fly,” she also plans to release a new song she wrote about her long battle with Lyme disease, do some movies, and release a Christmas album. She also plans to raise awareness for Lyme disease. Read more here.


2014 was an interesting year for Avril Lavigne. She had more than her fair share of controversy (“Hello Kitty,” awkward meet n greet photos, rumors of divorce), and after finishing a tour in the summer, Avril hid away from the world. She turned 30 in September, and has not been seen since. The main reason? Avril has been having health issues.

It was early in December when Avril revealed she hasn’t been feeling well, and fans have been worried ever since. Avril has confirmed she is not pregnant and not in rehab… but other than that, it is unknown what her health issues are or how serious they are.

In spite of all this, Avril apparently is looking forward to 2015. When asked what her plans for the new year are, she tweeted this response:

Twitter Avril Projects Dec 2014

This is exciting news! Avril didn’t divulge what exactly these projects are, but we’re sure they will be worth checking out. While music is the first thing we think of, these projects could take many forms.

Music-wise, a 6th studio album would be a great treat. Avril’s last album, Avril Lavigne, came out in November 2013, and had a mix of styles and moods. Songs like “Give You What You Like” and “Hello Heartache” indicated a welcome new direction for the songstress, and it would be exciting to hear an album full of songs more along these lines. And she has been “thinking about the next record” as well as writing “less pop” songs, so this is a real possibility! A new album late in the year sounds promising, and could be a turning point for Avril. Despite her last two albums not performing as well, her 6th could make for a grand comeback.

Other musical projects could include some kind of rarities EP containing the leftover songs from her previous era. Fans would still love to hear songs like “Echo,” “Fly,” and “Our Little Secret.” Alternately, a greatest hits compilation or even a Christmas album (which Avril has expressed interest in) would be good moves.

However, music isn’t the only thing Avril is involved with. Her clothing line Abbey Dawn has been on hold for the last couple of years – she could pick back up with that, and hopefully making it a bit more mature for her older fans. Avril also has three perfumes; she could launch a fourth one in the new year.

Avril has been talking about acting for a long time. Though she’s had some small roles in movies before, at has been a while since her last film. Avril could try to get a bigger role in an upcoming movie – we’d love to see her acting! Additionally, Avril has done a lot of work with her foundation, supporting sick and disabled children and youth; she may have some big plans for that. And what about a family of her own? Avril has said she’d wait to have kids until after she turned 30, and now of the appropriate age, she and her husband may be looking to start a family in the coming years.

What do you think Avril will be up to in 2015? What do you want to see her accomplish or release? Let us know! We’re still hoping for some new music, but all of these project ideas sound great. And who knows – she may have something completely different and unexpected set up for the new year. Keep checking back here for the latest Avril Lavigne news… including updates about these mysterious projects.

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