Ghost Is Crafting A New Album To Be Released In 2015

Satanic metal lovers, it’s time to get excited! Our favorite Swedish band, Ghost, is getting ready to release their 3rd studio album in the new year. As a nice holiday gift to their fans, Ghost announced the new record, indicating that they will be revealing more details soon.

They first mentioned their 3rd album back in May 2014. They had already been writing new songs, and said that the new record would be more instrumental and more metal than their previous albums. You can watch the whole interview to learn more.

Ghost’s debut album, Opus Eponymous, was released in October 2010, while their follow-up, Infestissumam, came in April 2013. Over the last four years, Ghost has worked their way up and gained a loyal fan base. With icons like Dave Grohl and Metallica’s James Hetfield praising the band, Ghost has earned a name for themselves. They have a unique and infectious sound, and it will be exciting to hear how they evolve on their third record.

There is no confirmation on when in 2015 we can hear Ghost’s next album, but details should be coming soon. Keep checking back here for all of the latest Ghost music news.

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