New Year, New Music: 20 New Albums We’re Looking Forward To In 2015

2014 was a great year filled with stunning new music. There were plenty of stellar albums, not to mention dozens of singles we had on repeat the whole year. But now we’re ready for 2015 and all the new music it will bring!

There are lots of new albums coming out in 2015. Here’s what we’re most excited for this year:


Fall Out Boy – American Beauty/American Psycho (January 20, 2015)

Fall Out Boy ABAS

After Fall Out Boy’s surprise comeback in early 2013 (following a 3 year hiatus), the band has been unstoppable. Following hit singles and big tours (including one with Paramore), Fall Out Boy hurried into the studio to make their 6th. It took them only 3 weeks to record American Beauty/American Psycho, which will be released on January 20th. It was led by the single “Centuries,” and they have put out another song called “Immortals” as part of Disney’s Big Hero 6 film. (A different version of “Immortals” will be on the album.) The title track, “American Beauty/American Psycho,” is the 2nd single. You can get instant downloads of the first two singles – plus a song called “The Kids Aren’t Alright” – when you pre-order the album on iTunes.


Periphery – Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega (January 27, 2015)

Periphery 2014

Progressive metal band Periphery is getting ready to release their 3rd full length album early in 2015. And it’s not just one album… it’s two! Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega will both be released on January 27th. They are concept albums that have been long in the making. Periphery has already teased fans with some of the new songs: You can hear songs like “The Scourge,” “22 Faces,” “The Bad Thing,” and “Graveless” now. If you pre-order the albums on iTunes, you can get instant downloads of them.


Kelly Clarkson – TBA (Spring 2015)

Kelly Clarkson Unreleased

Kelly Clarkson’s last regular album, Stronger, came out in October 2011, and although she’s had plenty of music – including a greatest hits compilation and a Christmas album – since then, it’s high time for a record filled with new songs from the pop star. Kelly has gotten married and had a baby girl since her last album, so her new one will be fresh and inspired. She’s already described her 6th album as “uplifting” and having some kind of puzzle them, and says it will be out sometime around March or April. Kelly’s first single is expected to drop this month – perhaps on January 5th, if the rumors are true. There are a few titles floating around (“Shadow,” “Sensation”), as well as murmurings of it being a duet with Bruno Mars. Those aren’t confirmed yet, but we’ll know soon enough!


Gwen Stefani – TBA (Spring 2015)

Gwen Stefani Baby Don't Lie

It’s been more than 8 years since Gwen Stefani’s last solo album, 2006’s The Sweet Escape. Following a long hiatus she rejoined No Doubt to release an album in 2012, but now she’s ready to reclaim her solo throne.  After giving birth to her third son in early 2014, Gwen was a judge on The Voice for one season, and that helped push her back into the studio to make her 3rd solo album. She’s already released two new songs, “Baby Don’t Lie” and “Spark The Fire.” A third song called “Shine” has leaked, and will appear in the new children’s film, Paddington. Gwen’s as yet untitled album was slated for a December 2014 release, but has been pushed back to sometime in early 2015. We expect it to be out by spring.


Hilary Duff – TBA (Spring 2015)

Hilary Duff New 4th Album

Here’s another long-awaited comeback! Hilary Duff’s last studio album was 2007’s Dignity nearly 8 years ago. The young Disney star took a long break after that; she learned some new skills (like cooking and gardening), found love, got married, and had an adorable son. She and her husband have been separated for a full year now, but there’s still a chance they can rekindle their relationship. Nonetheless, in all the years that have passed and all that she’s experienced, Hilary has had plenty to write about. She released a buzz single called “Chasing The Sun” in July, with her actual first single, “All About You,” following in August. Hilary spent the last few months filming for a new TV show called Younger; that will premiere in a couple of months. Now that her schedule is freed up a bit, Hilary should have time to finish her album, release another single, and finally release this anticipated 4th studio album.


Vanessa Carlton – Liberman (Summer 2015)

Vanessa Carlton Dreamy Liberman

Vanessa Carlton spent a couple of years working on Liberman, and finished the album in early 2014. Though she had planned to release it last summer, she had a big reason to delay it: She was pregnant! Vanessa and her husband are expecting a baby girl who should be born any day now. With a new daughter by her side, Vanessa will be ready to release her 5th album in summer 2015. Liberman gets its title from her ancestors’ last name. Vanessa has already revealed the entire 10-song track listing and has played a few songs from the record. Tunes like “Willows” and “House Of Seven Swords” will appear on the record.


Simple Plan – TBA (Summer 2015)

Simple Plan Unreleased Songs

Simple Plan has spent the last year writing their follow-up to 2011’s Get Your Heart On! Now with about 60 songs to choose from, the quintet is getting ready to go into the studio and record the 15 or so best songs. We hope “Boom” is one of them! Simple Plan is aiming to have their 5th album out around spring or summer this year.


Garbage – TBA + Garbage Re-release

Garbage Unreleased Songs

We may be looking at two Garbage releases this year. First things first: The alternative rock veterans have been recording their 6th album for the better part of 2014, and have sneakily shared a list of over 20 possible song titles. Their new album should be out sometime around mid 2015.


But Garbage has other big plans too. Drummer Butch Vig confirmed that, in celebration of the 20 year anniversary since their self-titled debut album came out, they will be re-releasing Garbage. It will likely include b-sides, rarities, and maybe some live versions or remixes. We know you loved songs like “Stupid Girl” and “Only Happy When It Rains” back in the day, so this is exciting news. Keep an eye our for more news on this Garbage reissue.


Ghost – TBA

Ghost BC

After two stunning albums in the last few years, Ghost has gained quite the following. Icons like Dave Grohl and James Hetfield love Ghost, and thanks to big bands like Iron Maiden taking them on tour, Ghost has gained thousands and thousands of fans. We still don’t know the men behind the masks, but with music that amazing it doesn’t even matter. The Swedish band has recently confirmed that they are crafting a new album which will be released in 2015. They promise more details soon, but if what they said last spring is true, you can expect the new album to be more instrumental and more metal than before.


Adele – TBA


Adele’s last album was huge. Starting with the success of “Rolling In The Deep,” 21 was an era filled with radio airplay, tremendous album sales, critical acclaim, and countless awards. The British songstress has taken the last few years off to start a family, but she should be release new music in the new year.


Muse – TBA


British rock gods Muse are currently in the studio crafting their 7th album, the follow-up to 2012’s The 2nd Law. While their last few albums have drifted further into experimentation with electronics, symphonies, and arena-ready anthems, frontman Matthew Bellamy has said the new album will strip that away for a more back-to-basics sound. Album #7 will be heavy, and have only minimal use of full-sized symphonies. Muse is aiming for a summer 2015 release.


Natasha Bedingfield – The Next Chapter (?)

Natasha Bedingfield

Our favorite blue-eyed soul songstress has been working on her 4th album for the last 3+ years. Despite admitting that it was “almost done” and nearly ready for release in a few interviews over the years, she’s continued writing and recording. She’s been digging for gold, and this gives us confidence that her long-awaited 4th album will be her best yet. It may or may not be called The Next Chapter – she uploaded a picture containing those words about a year ago, but we don’t know if the title has stuck. Natasha performed a new song called “Love Song To The Earth” back in September 2014, and has a new single dropping on January 13th: “Hope” is a charity single to support mental health and wellness. We “hope” that more information about Natasha’s new album will be revealed around then too.


Crossfade – TBA

Crossfade Share Songs

These criminally underrated heavy rockers spent most of 2014 recording their 4th studio album. Their last record, We All Bleed, came out nearly 4 years ago, so fans are totally ready for some new Crossfade songs. The band has kept mum about it for the most part. Frontman Ed Sloan has indicated that the songs are very personal, and said he was excited for fans to hear the new songs back in August. There’s no specific timetable for when Crossfade’s new album will come out, but we’re hoping for this summer.


Hoobastank – TBA

Hoobastank Unreleased Songs

Hoobastank has been busy since their last album, Fight Or Flight, came out in September 2012. Frontman Doug Robb had a second child with his wife – their first son – and Hoobastank toured around the world. The band got back into the studio early in 2014 and recorded through the spring. They put recording on hold as they headed out for some more extensive touring. There’s no word yet on if they’ve finished the album or when it will come out, but we’re thinking Hoobastank’s 6th album should be out sometime in mid to late 2015.


Ellie Goulding – TBA

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding’s last album cycle, for her sophomore effort Halcyon, lasted forever. Though the record came out in fall 2012 with a fair number of singles, a deluxe edition was released in 2014. It featured numerous new songs and more radio singles. After racking up hit after hit over the course of a year and a half, Ellie finally had time to live a little and start thinking about her next album. She’s been writing and recording for the last couple of months, and promises that her 3rd album will be out sometime in 2015.


No Doubt – TBA

No Doubt

No Doubt’s last album, Push And Shove, was released in 2012 to mixed reception and success. Despite planning a big tour for early 2013, No Doubt cancelled the tour in order to return to the studio. They were inspired and wanted to get the songs recorded. They kept at it for a few months, but by fall 2013 they seemed to have stopped recording. Frontwoman Gwen Stefani became pregnant, and after giving birth to her third son in early 2014, she got busy with The Voice and a solo album. But in spite of the setbacks, No Doubt is still actively working on a new album. After Gwen releases her solo album in early 2015, it’s expected that No Doubt will put out an album as well. We hope this will be late in 2015.


Avril Lavigne – TBA

Avril Lavigne Writing

Pop punk princess Avril Lavigne released her eponymous 5th album in November 2013. Despite getting good reviews from critics, the album failed to regain the success she’d had earlier in her career. Poor promotion and messy singles did more harm than good, and Avril Lavigne was unfairly overlooked by most. But Avril stuck with it, and revealed last spring that she’d already started writing new songs for her next record. She said the songs are “less pop,” which is exciting news for fans that are ready for a change of sound. Avril has had some health issues later in 2014, but tells fans that she hopes to “feel betta and kick ass in 2015 with all the projects I have lined up.”

Avril didn’t say what the projects are exactly. We’re hoping for an EP of Avril Lavigne leftovers like “Echo” and “Our Little Secret”… and a new full length album! Nothing has been confirmed yet, but we have hope that new Avril Lavigne music will be released in 2015.


Gavin DeGraw – TBA

Gavin DeGraw Fire

Gavin DeGraw already has 5 albums to his name, and just released a greatest hits collection in October 2014. He’s been on a roll though, and has been writing songs for his next album. There’s no word yet on how far along he is or when we can expect to hear his 6th album, but if he keeps going in the direction he has been, it should be well worth the wait.


The All-American Rejects – TBA

The All-American Rejects Unreleased

2012’s Kids In The Street was The All-American Rejects’ last album, and now that 3 whole years have passed, it’s high time for another one. Last summer, the band said they were going to go into the studio in fall 2014 and try to record a quick album. Instead of spending months making everything perfect, they hoped to create some spontaneous magic. We don’t know if they did that, but frontman Tyson Ritter did recently reveal that he’d gotten together with drummer Chris Gaylor. Hopefully they’re making that album now, and it can be ready for a late 2015 release.


Green Day – TBA

Green Day 2012

After their last trio of albums – ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tré! – and a quick world tour, Green Day took a much needed break. Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong was fresh out of rehab and taking his time getting back into the swing of things. Since 2013, Billie Joe has put his energy into making an album of covers with Norah Jones, acting gigs, writing songs for musicals, and working on a punk documentary. Bassist Mike Dirnt’s wife battled breast cancer throughout 2014, and drummer Tré Cool got married. Guitarist Jason White was also recently diagnosed with cancer, and is expected to make a full recovery.

With so much going on, there hasn’t been much time for Green Day music. Although Billie Joe has expressed a desire to make another Green Day album, he admits that it may not happen as soon as he’d like. Not with band members and their families battling cancer. But in all the chaos must be plenty of inspiration for Billie Joe to at least write some new tunes.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that Green Day will release an album in 2015… but it’s still a possibility! They could record something quick later and put it out at the end of the year. Or, Billie Joe could put out a solo album if he wanted. We’re quietly holding out hope that there will be new Green Day music in 2015.


And there you have our list of 20 anticipated albums. 2015 is looking to be a big year, and we can’t wait to hear what’s in store. What new music are you excited for? Anyone we missed? Let us know!


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