Avril Lavigne Releasing New Song “Fly” Soon In Support Of 2015 Special Olympics

Avril Lavigne promised that she had some projects lined up for the new year…. and now she is ready to start 2015 with some new music! For the last few months (possibly longer), Avril has been having some health issues. Today she posted the following inspiring message, which also happens to be lyrics from a new song:

She quickly responded to her major fan site, Avril Lavigne Bandaids, on Twitter, revealing that the lyrics come from the bridge of her song “Fly.”

And that’s not all: Avril will soon be releasing “Fly” in support of the 2015 Special Olympics!

Avril started the Avril Lavigne Foundation in September 2010, and every year she throws a birthday celebration in September to raise money for the Special Olympics. Last September was no different:

The Special Olympics will be held in Los Angeles this summer from July 25 to August 2. We can expect to hear “Fly” sometime before then!

Avril wrote “Fly” a few years ago, and it was registered on HFA in late 2012. Fans expected the song to appear on her self titled 5th album, which was released in November 2013, but it was ultimately not included on the record. In 2013, she revealed that the song was for the Avril Lavigne Foundation. In September 2014, fans used Twitter to urge her to release “Fly” for her annual birthday fundraiser for the Special Olympics. It looks like she listened, because the song will be out soon!

Fans can finally hear “Fly” within the next few months. More information should be released soon, so keep checking back here for the latest music news. Avril Lavigne has already started writing “less pop” songs for her 6th album. There is no word yet on if she has recorded it or when it will be released, but it’s possible “Fly” could appear in the track listing.

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