Avril Lavigne Promises Another Surprise Coming In February

Yesterday we learned that Avril Lavigne will be releasing an unheard song called “Fly” in support of the 2015 Special Olympics. She didn’t say when “Fly” will be released, but now we know Avril has ANOTHER surprise for fans coming first. In February, fans will have something they’ve “been asking for.”

The news comes from an Avril fan twitter account, Avril Lavigne Charts. Avril herself DM’d the information to the fan.

What could this surprise be? There are a few things fans have been asking for over the last year…

We’re guessing – and hoping – that it will be the “Give You What You Like” music video Avril promised in 2014. A fan favorite from Avril’s self titled album, and a personal favorite of Avril herself, “Give You What You Like” is an impressive song that deserved to be a single. Last year, Avril announced she was filming two music videos: One for “Hello Kitty,” and one for “Give You What You Like.” The latter was never released, much to the disappointment of many fans. It would be fantastic to finally have a music video for this incredible song.

Another possibility is a high quality version of the “Bad Girl” music video, which was only shown on the backdrop during some concerts in Asia last year. You can see a low quality version filmed by a fan below. “Bad Girl” is a more rock highlight from Avril Lavigne, and it would be cool to see the video in better quality.

Finally, European fans felt left out when Avril Lavigne’s world tour didn’t make it to their part of the world. After touring Asia, South America, and North America in 2014, Avril wasn’t able to play any shows in Europe. Now might be a great time to visit her fans there with a tour.

Our 4th and final prediction is the release of some leftover Avril Lavigne songs. Back in summer 2013, Avril said she had recorded enough songs for two albums, and was actually interested in releasing a back-to-back album. Her 5th album came out in November 2013, so it may be a bit late to do that, but Avril could still release an EP of her leftover songs. We know of titles like “Echo,” “Our Little Secret,” and “If I Said I Loved You” (the last was even played at her wedding in 2013), and fans would love to hear some of these extra songs.

What do you think Avril’s surprise is going to be? We can’t wait until February to find out!

We know that Avril’s new song “Fly” will be released sometime after February and no later than July 25th, when the Special Olympics will begin in Los Angeles. Avril has also said she’s been writing “less pop” songs for her 6th album, so hopefully we’ll get some more news on that soon. Keep checking back here for all the latest Avril Lavigne music news.

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