Kelly Clarkson Reveals Partial Tracklisting & Lyrics For “Piece By Piece”

In less than 5 weeks, Kelly Clarkson’s new album Piece By Piece will be out and blasting out of everyone’s speakers. We already have “Heartbeat Song” to enjoy, but now we have a whole lot more: Kelly just unveiled a partial track listing as well as some lyrics from 9 of the new songs!

In addition to “Heartbeat Song,” we now have confirmation that previously known titles “Take You High” and “War Paint” will be on the album. And, like most of Kelly’s albums, Piece By Piece has a title track! And it doesn’t stop there… We have 5 totally new confirmed titles: “Someone,” “Invincible,” “Let Your Tears Fall,” “Dance With Me,” and “I Had A Dream.”

This is what Kelly had to say about sharing the lyrics of these 9 songs:

Kelly Clarkson PBP Lyrics Note

Check out some of the lyrics from these 9 songs! Click through the gallery below to see them all. You can read more of the lyrics on Kelly’s official website.

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Which lyric is your favorite? Which one do you identify with the most? Share your story with Kelly, and she may just reach out to you to learn more! Go to her official site to share your stories.

You can pre-order Piece By Piece from Kelly Clarkson’s official site now. Both standard and deluxe editions are available. A deluxe box set includes 17 lyrics cards, so it can be assumed that the deluxe edition of Piece By Piece will have a total of 17 new songs. That means we still have 8 more songs to confirm!

Kelly’s new album Piece By Piece comes out on March 3rd, so we only have a few weeks to go. A new music video for “Heartbeat Song” will be premiering soon, and more information about Piece By Piece – the full track listing, album cover art – should also be revealed in the coming weeks.

You can read all about everything that went into recording Piece By Piece over the last two years, as well as check out the growing list of known song titles. Keep checking back here for more Kelly Clarkson music news!

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