Check Out The Full Tracklisting For Kelly Clarkson’s “Piece By Piece”

It was only this week that Kelly Clarkson unveiled 8 new song titles and bits of lyrics for each of them. Now we have the full track listing for her upcoming 6th studio album, Piece By Piece. The first 13 songs appear on the standard edition of the album, while tracks 14-16 are deluxe edition bonus tracks.

  1. Heartbeat Song
  2. Invincible
  3. Someone
  4. Take You High
  5. Piece By Piece
  6. Run Run Run (featuring John Legend)
  7. I Had A Dream
  8. Let Your Tears Fall
  9. Tightrope
  10. War Paint
  11. Dance With Me
  12. Nostalgic
  13. Good Goes The Bye
  14. Bad Reputation
  15. In The Blue
  16. Second Wind

Based on the Amazon description, we can now confirm that the hyped duet’s mystery partner is officially John Legend!

Kelly Clarkson and John Legend

But which one is the duet? According to music insider Jeff1317 on Twitter, that would be “Run Run Run.” He also confirmed that it is a ballad!

We already knew of 9 of the songs. New titles include “Run Run Run,” “Tightrope,” “Nostalgic,” “Good Goes The Bye,” “Bad Reputation,” “In The Blue,” and “Second Wind.” A number of previously revealed song titles are, notably, not included in the track listing.

Hopefully “Bad Reputation” is an original track and not a cover (though we do love Joan Jett’s iconic song). We’ll have to wait and see on that.

Although the Deluxe Edition Box Set of Piece By Piece that’s available for pre-order on Kelly’s official site includes 17 lyrics cards – suggesting 17 separate songs – this track listing from Amazon only has 16 songs. Perhaps an additional bonus track will come with another version of the album? Or perhaps the 17th card doesn’t include lyrics, but rather some other text or image? That also will have to be revealed later.

If that wasn’t enough news for you, you can also hear what seems to be a demo version of Kelly’s new (standard edition) album closer, “Good Goes The Bye.” Just in case you got your hopes up too high, it’s not Kelly singing in this demo. The song was written by Shane McAnally (already a confirmed collaborator for the new album), Natalie Hemby, and Jimmy Robbins. What do you think?

SoundCloud / Wruckestrike – via Iframely

Good Goes The Bye Kelly Clarkson ASCAP

Kelly’s new album Piece By Piece comes out on March 3rd, so we only have a few weeks to go. A new music video for “Heartbeat Song” will be premiering soon, and more information about Piece By Piece should also be revealed in the coming weeks.

You can read all about everything that went into recording Piece By Piece over the last two years, as well as check out the growing list of known song titles. There are a bunch of songs that didn’t make it onto the album, but hopefully they’ll be released in some form eventually. Keep checking back here for more Kelly Clarkson music news!

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