Avril Lavigne’s February Surprise: The “Give You What You Like” Music Video!

It’s time to rejoice, Avril Lavigne fans. Remember that surprise Avril hinted at a few weeks ago? The one fans had been asking her for? It’s here, and it was worth the wait: We’re finally getting a music video for the (arguably) best song on Avril’s self-titled 5th album! “Give You What You Like” will be released soon, but we can already see a 30 second preview of the new video clip:

The music video trailer is interspersed with scenes from an upcoming film called Babysitter’s Black Book, which will feature the song. The movie will be out February 21st, but the music video should be out even sooner.

Avril had promised us a video for “Give You What You Like” way back in early 2014, but that never came to fruition. After her tour ended in the summer, Avril went into hiding and revealed she was sick with an undisclosed illness. By that point, most fans had given up on getting the video.

But apparently Avril did not! Her own favorite song from her last album, “Give You What You Like” is a standout track from her whole catalog, and a deserving song for a music video. It will be exciting to see how the whole video looks! The “Give You What You Like” music video will be out really soon, so be ready!

Besides the anticipated video for “Give You What You Like,” Avril has plenty of other projects lined up for 2015. She’ll be releasing a new song called “Fly” in the coming months, in advance of the 2015 Special Olympics being held this July. Avril may also be working on her 6th studio album. Keep checking back here for all of the latest Avril Lavigne music news.

Avril Lavigne Give You What You Like

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