See Avril Lavigne’s Stunning Music Video For “Give You What You Like”

Avril Lavigne promised to give fans what they liked – what they’d been asking for since her last album came out in November 2013 – and finally it is here: The music video for what is possibly the best song of her career, “Give You What You Like.” This might seem like quite the claim, but this masterpiece of a song supports it all the way. “Give You What You Like” is dark and mesmerizing, filling you up with all of the emotion and troubles Avril sings about, and the music video, which was filmed in Avril’s home in Canada, captures that essence perfectly.

With low light coming only from the dozens of candles surrounding Avril, the “Give You What You Like” music video shows Avril in something of a ghostly narrator’s role. Scenes from the upcoming film, Babysitter’s Black Book, take up most of the video, but Avril’s understated scenes provide a haunting backdrop to really tell the story.

See the music video for “Give You What You Like” below:

“Give You What You Like” first appeared on Avril’s 5th album, Avril Lavigne, released late in 2013. She and many of her fans have cited “Give You What You Like” as a favorite on the record, and it is great to see it finally get a music video and single release. This is the kind of song that more people need to hear from Avril, and the kind that she will hopefully continue to make in the future.

As the frequent movie scenes make clear, “Give You What You Like” will also be featured in the upcoming Lifetime movie, Babysitter’s Black Book. The movie will premiere on February 21st.

The “Give You What You Like” music video is just the first of many projects Avril has “lined up” for 2015. This summer, Avril will be releasing a new song called “Fly” in support of the Special Olympics being held in Los Angeles in July. Avril has also been writing new songs for her 6th album. in spite of her still undisclosed and ongoing illness.

Avril Lavigne will have plenty more music for fans to look forward to in 2015, starting with “Fly” in a few months. For now, you can enjoy the “Give You What You Like” music video. You can also buy the song on iTunes now. Keep checking back here for all of the latest Avril Lavigne music news.

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