Kelly Clarkson Shares Two Ballads: “Someone” & “Tightrope”

This has been a big week for Kelly Clarkson fans. We’ve already gotten five new songs in the last four days, but the week isn’t over yet! Kelly has two new ballads for fans to hear in anticipation of her upcoming 6th album, Piece By Piece.

“Someone” is the last of our official promo tracks, and like the first four, it shows a completely different side of Kelly. It’s something of a ballad, but it has some strength and energy to it. Kelly sings to an ex-lover, apologizing for how their relationship turned out. Everything between them was wrong, but she doesn’t sound bitter. Instead, the chorus is a wish that he will find the perfect girl for him, “someone whose arms will hold you tight enough to be the reason you breathe.” It’s one of the sweetest breakup songs we’ve heard from Kelly.


Courtesy of MTV is our second Kelly-penned track. Following her personal title track, a mid-tempo sequel to 2004’s “Because Of You,” her latest offering is the gentle “Tightrope.” It’s a slow ballad that pairs Kelly’s soft vocals with a piano and strings. She uses her upper register more in this song, giving it a delicate innocence. The song slowly builds, and by the second verse Kelly’s vocals show more power, but only briefly. She backs down and shows restraint, choosing to return to her fragile vocals for the rest of the song. “Tightrope” doesn’t have Kelly’s signature big ending the way songs like “Sober” or “Cry” do. Instead, it maintains the soft sound that only amplifies the emotion and melancholy mood.


Kelly also spoke about “Tightrope” to VH1:

“Tightrope” is a beautiful song— the strings and the harp are gorgeous.

I know, [Producer] Greg Kurstin pulled off a harp. Like, what?! That can go Disney very quick, but I think that he pulled it off so well. It’s so beautiful and tasteful. I wrote “Tightrope” as a simple song with this simple piano part, but I thought it would be cool to add an orchestral element. I said that one thing to him and he comes back with this breathtaking production. He’s so talented and I love that song. It’s big in a simple way, with an almost lullaby melody. The production makes it so much greater and that’s what he’s super talented at.

Is the song autobiographical in any way?

Actually it is. I wrote “Tightrope” a couple of years ago and sometimes I feel like no matter what you do to prove yourself in whatever relationship that’s in your life, sometimes you feel like you just can’t win. No matter how much you say you love someone or how much you try to prove yourself, sometimes it’s just not enough. And that’s so sad. So I wrote it about that.

Kelly’s new album is shaping up to be one of her most cohesive, yet diverse, records yet. Every song we’ve heard so far has been noticeably different from the last, demonstrating Kelly’s musical and lyrical versatility while also appealing to many different kinds of fans. 

Piece By Piece will be released on March 3rd, but if you pre-order the album on iTunes, you’ll get instant downloads of the lead single, “Heartbeat Song,” and five of the new tracks that have debuted this week. “Invincible,” “Piece By Piece,” “Run Run Run” featuring John Legend, “Take You High,” and now “Someone” can all be yours ahead of Piece By Piece‘s release.

Today’s ballad “Tightrope” and yesterday’s “Let Your Tears Fall” can only be streamed until the album comes out.

Read up on all there is to know about each of the new songs, as well as what went into making Piece By Piece. The album will be out on Tuesday, but with so many songs out already, the time will fly by.

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