The All-American Rejects Starting To Write For Next Album

Last August, Nick Wheeler from The All-American Rejects talked about the band’s plans for their fifth album, saying they wanted to record something quick and spontaneous. They’ve been fairly quiet since then, but now it looks like they’re getting ready to start writing and recording!

Singer Tyson Ritter and guitarist Mike Kennerty teasingly tweeted back and forth about their plans the next All-American Rejects record.

Although the All-American Rejects’ next album is finally in the early stages of formation, it looks like it won’t be recorded immediately. Tyson Ritter has been cast in the HBO miniseries, Lewis and Clark, and will be recording through the summer. To look the part of his character, Tyson cannot cut his hair or shave his beard for the next six months. Tyson has also announced his plans to make an independent movie with his friend Jamie Holt. If their Indigogo campaign goes well, Kilgore Soupe will likely begin recording in the next year.

Rest assured, although Tyson will be busy with his acting, he and the rest of the band will still be working on their fifth album:

Update: Another tweet from the official Rejects account quoting Mike:


There’s no specific timeframe yet for how long this will take. The band is just getting started, and the writing and demoing process can be lengthy before even beginning to officially record. Although Nick said they wanted to record spontaneously, it looks like The All-American Rejects are pursuing a more traditional route.

Hopefully the new All-American Rejects album will be ready by next year. Stay up-to-date on all their album updates here. Keep checking back here for all the latest music news.

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