Muse Releases Lyric Video For Their Latest ‘Drones’ Single, “Mercy”

Muse’s new album Drones will be out in just a few weeks, and already the trio has released another single from the record. “Mercy” is piano-driven and heartfelt, and slightly reminiscent of their 2006 power ballad “Starlight.” Muse has already filmed the official music video for “Mercy,” but to tide us over we have a nicely done lyric video instead:

“Mercy” comes early on in the Drones concept album, and is a pivotal moment for the main character – as frontman Matt Bellamy explains:

The opening line of “Mercy” – “Help me I’ve fallen on the inside”- is a reference to the protagonist knowing and recognizing that they have lost something, they have lost themselves. This is where they realize they’re being overcome by the dark forces that were introduced in “Psycho.”

This fits into the overarching story told throughout Drones. As Rolling Stone recently reported, the album is “a concept about the dehumanizing aspects of drone technology.” Matt was inspired by the book Predators: The CIA’s Drone War on al Qaeda by Brian Glyn Williams. As he elaborated to Rolling Stone:

I was shocked. I didn’t know how prolific drone usage has been. I always perceived Obama as an all-around likable guy. But from reading the book, you find out that most mornings he wakes up, has a breakfast and then goes down to the war room and makes what they call “kill decisions.” He makes that decision based on a long chain of intelligence people who, as we all know, can be very unreliable.

You can read more from the Drones interview at Rolling Stone.

“Mercy” is the latest single from Muse’s new album, following “Psycho” and “Dead Inside.” Muse has also played the new track “Reapers” live. Drones will be out on June 9th, but if you pre-order it on iTunes now you will get instant downloads of each of the three singles. Keep checking back here for all of the latest Muse news, and look out for the official “Mercy” music video in the coming weeks.

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