Hilary Duff Releases “Fan Demanded” Version of “Sparks” Music Video

Two weeks ago, Hilary Duff unveiled the music video for her latest single, “Sparks.” The Tove Lo co-written song is great, but the music video was cluttered up with splices of recent interviews of Hilary discussing her Tinder dates; the video was, at best, distracting.

Luckily, fans spoke up and Hilary heard them! She has just released a much improved, “fan demanded” version of her “Sparks” music video. This one focuses on the colorful dancing scenes, thankfully leaving out any mention of Tinder. This new video for “Sparks” is much more suited for the excellent pop song – it’s fun and sleek (rather than messy), and lets the song be heard loud and clear. Check out the infinitely better new “Sparks” music video below:

Meanwhile, Hilary is gearing up to release her first studio album in 8 years (!), Breathe In. Breathe Out. The 12-track record will be released on June 16th, and will also feature the single “All About You” and possibly “Chasing The Sun.” You can pre-order Breathe In. Breathe Out. on MyPlay now, or go to Fanjoy to get a special box set including 4 bonus tracks.

The full track list hasn’t been announced yet, but you can review our list of known song titles and try to guess which ones will make the cut. Also be sure to read our full recap of everything that’s gone into making Breathe In. Breathe Out. in the last few years.

If you’re curious about seeing the original “Sparks” music video, you can see it and all its Tinder mentions below:

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